What makes WooCommerce on Liquid Web great for ecommerce stores.

Two decades ago starting an ecommerce store was an afterthought to the average Jane and Joe, reserved for money-bags like Amazon and Zalando. Then things changed, thanks to the WordPress and WooCommerce power combo, barriers shattered, owning an ecommerce store was within reach of average Joe and Jane.

With entry eased, owning an ecommerce site became attractive. But, many disappear as fast as they come. The lucky that survive soon realize a successful online store is beyond a sleek user interface and a highly sought product – though very important, the infrastructure on which they run played an equal role to their success. Short of that, they have a snail-paced store that attracts abandoned carts, if the site doesn’t crash in the first place.

If you want your WooCommerce powered ecommerce store to succeed online, then you need a host with infrastructure that plays nice with WooCommerce.

You will save oodles of time, the hair on your head and money if you are finicky in your search for a host – one invested in the success of your ecommerce store, sturdy to handle 1000+ simultaneous orders on black Friday.

That’s what makes WooCommerce on Liquid Web great for ecommerce stores.

What happens behind the scenes of an ecommerce website.

An ecommerce store basically helps customers through the buying process; find a product, add it to a cart and check out without a hitch. On good days, be able to handle an influx of shoppers.

What happens behind the scene to enable this should be of concern to you.

WooCommerce queries the Database, a lot.

An ecommerce site is akin to a busy overpass with overlapping flyovers; scripts dutifully fulfilling the commands of clicks;  managing inventory, orders, users, payments, transactional emails, shipping, and several more.

For each action a user performs on your store, WooCommerce makes a trip to the database. For 10-20 concurrent users, that should be fine. How about, 100-1000 concurrent users making 100-1000 simultaneous queries? 

Then consider a page like a user dashboard – My Account page – that has to pull an array of data; customer bio, purchase history, items in the cart. So it is not just about installing WooCommerce and importing product.

All these return trips to the database stress your infrastructure. If the database and the hosts infrastructure are not optimized to handle the thousands of simultaneous queries, then your store will crumble to the overwhelming commands.

Third-party apps interact with your store for lift.

The free WooCommerce plugin gives you just enough to start your online adventure. To give your store lift, you will need extra features like shipping, transactional emails, analytics, and a host more.  Typically each feature requires a plugin or a connection to an external site. That hogs system resources.

Choosing a host for a WooCommerce  site boils down to picking one whose infrastructure is optimized for WooCommerce.

That’s why you should not run WooCommerce on a shared server.

Hosts make money off shared servers by shoving as many websites as they can to the poor server. That requires them to strip servers of functionality in the name of optimizing it. So, they will cache your site, disable some scripts or throttle your website when it starts consuming the lion’s share of the server’s resources. And there is nothing you can do about that.

The pricetag may be small, the consequences big.

You do not want your website to go black on a black-Friday.

Here is why WooCommerce on Liquid Web is great for ecommerce stores.

1.To ably handle the stress on the database, Liquid Web uses proprietary methods for storing data that reduce query loads by 95% leading to improved performance of your store.

2. Liquid  Web ships with important third-party apps to give your store lift. At no extra charge

With Jilt, you don’t need to worry about abandoned carts on your WooCommerce store.

With Astra Pro WordPress theme, your store can look 1000+ different ways.

If a theme is not your shtick, you can go for a custom look and feel with Beaver page builder.

With IconicWP, add functionality to your store that rivals eBay with features like; wishlists, thumbnails, attribute swatches, linked variations, bundled products, and the list goes on.

3. As a growth hacker, I rely on lots of tools, to test the performance of servers and web applications. These tools come at staggering price tags. With Liquid web you have 21 performance tests to ensure your store is ready for the black-Friday kind of traffic.

4. When you need, there is human support, round the clock.

Things don’t always work in line with our plans and wishes; human error, a natural disaster or spike inactivity, it doesn’t matter what it is, you need help, and what you need of a host is the guarantee that on the other side of your laptop or phone is someone ready to save the day.

In those times every second offline feels like hell, even the guy behind the famed Get Out Of Hell Free Card needed our friendly humans to rescue.

tweet praising LiquidWeb

In the 16 years of managing websites, I’ve not seen a host who not only promises but delivers on a 59 second response time, round the clock, through the year.  

How about that.

5. Birds of the same feather, they say, flock together. Liquid Web shares in the commitment to grow the community and tech with partnerships that lend her credibility and trust.

liquidweb woocommerce

They are involved with the WooCommerce  family.

They partner with cPanel

Liquid web cpanel

And with Plesk University.

Plesk University

Liquid Web is committed to the success of WordPress.  

wordcamp wordpress support

What it costs to host a WooCommerce site on Liquid Web.

Liquid Web pricing is transparent design for mission critical WooCommerce sites.

Starting at $39 for a small store that can handle 150 transactions a month to $1499 for larger stores with 25000 transactions a month.

Before you snub at the pricing, consider the value of your store. Would you expect a $7 host to efficiently manage an ecommerce site that attracts 1000 visitors daily, with an industry conversion rate of 3%, the math yield, 30 orders a day? On a $10 product, you average $9000 in sales monthly.

So, do you really expect a $7 host to serve traffic that yields $9000.00?

Considering that the $39 entry price is a dismal figure for a store that makes $9000.

I contest, the extra features and third-party tools individually billed shoot past the $39

Final Thoughts.

WordPress and WooCommerce on Liquid web ably checks the checklist for the tech needs of your ecommerce business.  It goes beyond providing the standards expected from a host – Free SSL, SEO ready site, mobile friendly – to building a platform from the ground up just for your WooCommerce store.

If there is anything to consider, choose a host that can scale in a moments notice when it matters most. So you can spend your time growing your ecommerce business; not worrying if your store will crave to the demands of your growth. Let Liquid Web worry about that.

Ready to start?

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WooCommerce on Liquid Web
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