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How to take your business online the fast and easy way

To survive post COVID you have to take your business online. You didn’t have to vote for it, but, the coronavirus has left the future of virtually all brick and mortar businesses at the mercy of the tech industry. But as it is the case with a conservative with a new idea, most business owners only see the internet as more of a threat than an opportunity for growth. Even if it is, they don’t budge. Lucky for them, they’ve made by with customers who opt for touch, smell, and see before buying. ......

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Two decades ago starting an ecommerce store was an afterthought to the average Jane and Joe, reserved for money-bags like Amazon and Zalando. Then things changed, thanks to the WordPress and WooCommerce power combo, barriers shattered, owning an ecommerce store was within reach of average Joe and Jane. With entry eased, owning an ecommerce site became attractive. But, many disappear as fast as they come. The lucky that survive soon realize a successful online store is beyond a sleek user interface and a highly sought product – though very important, the infrastructure on......

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