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There’s never been a perfect time to own a website than now.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, world economies are reeling from unprecedented lockdowns and shutdowns that have holed people behind closed doors and have left businesses especially brick-and-mortar businesses scrambling for survival.

It is the time when for once everyone around the world acknowledges the value and gift of the internet.

As an entrepreneur, there lay opportunity ready for the taking.

To survive and thrive in this age, you’ve got to be online, you need a website that enables your existing and potential customers to reach you 24/7.

It is not easy, but, as they say, a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

The journey to owning a piece of the web starts with a domain name.

Hostgator is taking the first step on your behalf with an offer of a free domain name. Take it.

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What is a domain name?

You got to this page through a search on or on your browser, you entered and are domain names.

A domain simply is the identity of a business or person or idea online.

It is made up of a name – google – and a TLD – .com, read, google dot com.

If this is all new to you, think of it like the names parents give children and by which we are known and identified.

Assuming we didn’t have names, how would you call out one person from a crowd of billions –impossible, right?

That’s the same on the internet. Somewhere in a large cold data center, there is a computer running with website files in it.

On the internet, we use IP addresses to differentiate these computers – more like DNA in humans.

A domain name is a human-readable word that’s associated with this IP address and server.

To get your dream online, Hostgator offers new clients who claim for a free domain name when they purchase a shared or cloud or WordPress hosting package a free.COM, .NET, and.ORG domain name.

Note: You get only one domain per purchase on hosting packages of 12 months and above.

And don’t forget to claim it during the purchase.

Tips on how to choose a great domain name. 

Do you remember kids who were ridiculed for their names back in school? I do.

The same happens on the internet. That’s why it’s important to pick a great domain name.

First, choose a name or word the represents your idea

1.A registered business will most likely default to its legal name – for consistency in marketing and branding offline and online.

If brand names are long, acronyms work just fine. Standard Chartered Bank, for instance, uses

2. Hobbyists and niche websites that intend to get most of their traffic from search engines could consider a name related to their niche or topic.

Using keywords in a domain name is believed to have some impact on search engine results.  I have the proof; see my story in the next section.

If you are a Sheppard dog blogger, a name like – would be great.

3. Play around with names, synonyms, and words your target audience is likely going to type in google when looking for solutions you offer on your website.

4. You don’t have to use a dictionary word or keyword for a domain name – you can make up your own words.

Think of big brands like; Google, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, and the likes, all these are words that marketers sat down and coined.

The only caveat with this route is you will need a huge marketing budget to get your name known and remembered by masses.

Second, choose the right TLD that works for you

Any TLD works, but, it is important to pick a TLD related to your business.

A not for profit organization can choose .ORG, a business may go for .COM. When you find your .COM and .ORG domain names taken, a neutral fallback is .NET.

Beyond these, there are thousands of TLDs based on sector or country or region to choose from.

Sector specific names like, .SPACE, .HOTEL, .HOST, .CLUBS, .FOOD , and hundreds more.

Every country and region has its own TLD, if your focus is to a local audience, then than route is open to you.

We use a .africa TLD for instance because our target audience is in Africa.

The European Union has .eu, United States .us, United Kingdom .uk, Asia .asia and the list goes on.

But remember, the free domain offer from Hostgator is good for only .COM, .NET, and .ORG TLDs

Finally, as a rule of thumb, keep it simple.

A name associated with your business or idea, easy to read, and easy to remember will do.

PRO TIP. Use a domain checker​ to filter out viable and available domain name options.

The story of how I chose my domain name. 

Behind every domain name is a story – some intriguing, some eye-watering.

The story of is none of those. No need to cozy up to a bowl of popcorns.

Among many things that keep me awake, I run a small digital marketing agency focusing on Content marketing and building websites.

While at it I learned having a website gets you online, but it doesn’t guarantee the wild success of your dreams.

For most individuals the cost in time and money for content and ad spend is beyond their means and so they give up.

That birthed the idea of an online community of individuals and small business owners helping each other to succeed.

If you don’t have the millions of dollars to throw at sponsored posts or run ad campaigns or hire the best programmers; you’ve got to hack your growth, use leverage to compound your growth.

We call it growth hacking.

You learn to make the most of what you have – like the free domain name from Hostgator to get your idea online through a blog or website.

When it came to choosing a domain name, I knew I was looking for something related to growth hacking.

The first choice was but that was taken.

Other TLDs like .org, .net didn’t ring.

So I dittoed with other possible combinations like but that seamed long besides, it was taken.

Since Africa had entered into the name, why not use, I thought.

I jumped onto a domain checker, and there it was for the taking.

Right there, I have a keyword-rich domain name – Google growth hacking in Africa – I am on top ranking for a competitive keyword – over 9,110,000 web pages are competing for this keyword.

growth hacking africa story

The #1 tip for domain management. 

When you purchase a domain name, use an email address you actively monitor.

I’ve had clients who remember, oh, my website, 3 months after the domain name expired and the website is deleted.

Because they didn’t know they were either due for renewal or automatic billing failed.

And just like that, they lose the domain name and the website.  If they are lucky, they have to pay a premium to get it back in the restoration window.

So, automate the renewal process, but importantly use an email address you actively monitor.

Suppose on the billing date your bank has issues or there are no funds on your account?

You will only know that your domain name is due for renewal or if there is a billing problem only if you use an email address you actively monitor.

That way you won’t miss any renewal reminders and important communication from the domain registrar.

All humans are capable of forgetting, heck; even Google once forgot to renew its domain name.

Google forgot to renew domain name

Why choose HostGator for your website hosting needs. 

First, they give you a free domain name. But that is not the only reason you should entrust Hostgator with your dream.

I could go on and on blabbing about how good Hostgator is but, since I’ve already disclosed it, you may think the nice words are to get you to sign-up so I get paid. It’s obvious, bills got to be paid.

So why not hear from customers themselves on why Hostgator is a great host.

Infrastructure. Hostgator is one of the world’s best hosting companies because it has a secure and reliable infrastructure that guarantees a 99.9% availability of your website.

Security. The internet is full of hackers and evil people looking for an opportunity to steal your data.

It is important to host with a security-conscious host. In addition to its hardened infrastructure – Hostgator provides you a lifetime free SSL certificate.

In a nutshell, this is why you should choose HostGator for your all-in-one (domain name and hosting) package.

  • A free domain name for one year.
    • 99.9% uptime guarantee
    • Free SSL certificate
    • Multichannel 24/7/365 world-class support. Yes, even on Christmas day.
    • Free website transfers – if you move from another host.
    • On the off chance you change your mind they give a 45-day money-back guarantee

How to choose the best hosting package.

Hostgator offers an array of hosting packages tailored to the different needs and budgets of clients.

These include Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting.

So which hosting package is the best for you?

Shared hosting – starts at $2.75 and renews at $6.95 per month.

Hostgator shared hosting

With this package, your website will share a server with many other websites.

In so doing, the costs are shared therefore getting online is affordable.

The negative to this is you have no control over the server your website sits on.

Cloud hosting – starts at $4.95 and renews at $8.95 per month.

Hostgator cloud hosting

Hostgator cloud web hosting comes with 2 times faster and four times resources that a high traffic website needs for availability during black-Friday like shopping seasons.

This package is great for the load speeds – something you will soon learn is important to your success online and for getting to the top pages in Google’s search results.

Like the shared hosting plan, the limitation of this plan full control of the server.

Managed WordPress Hosting – starts at $5.95 and renews at $9.95 per month.

Hostgator wordpress hosting

If you are a blogger, chances are high that you will use WordPress.

Hostgator built this package from the ground up to get the most out of a WordPress powered website backed by a dedicated WordPress support team.

You go for this if you want peace of mind and hands-off technical management of your WordPress website.

On the other hand, you are restricted to a number of monthly visitors, plugins, and tools that you can install and run on your website for security purposes.

If you find this limiting, with the shared hosting and cloud hosting you can run a WordPress website without restriction.

VPS Hosting – starts at $19.95 and renews at $79.95 per month.

Hostgator VPS hosting

As your online needs grow, you need more control and flexibility.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the upgrade to the shared, cloud, and WordPress managed hosting packages.

It comes with more resources and root access to the VPS.

And because few VPSs are shared on a server, the costs are not prohibitive.

On the negative side, since the physical server is shared, you don’t have control over the physical server and your site is affected by what others on the server do.

Dedicated Hosting – starts at $89.98 and renews at $189.00per month.

Hostgator dedicated hosting

When your website wants it all for itself, dedicated hosting is for you.

With all the control you get, you can do anything with a dedicated server.

That comes with a high price tag and technical know-how.

So, how do you choose the best hosting package?

You choose one the meets your business needs. sits on a VPS server that is shared among our in-house websites.

I chose a VPS for the control and ability to install custom scripts and sometimes just experimenting stuff as a growth hacker.

 A shared hosting plan doesn’t give that flexibility and a dedicated server is ideal, only if I could afford the monthly bill.

Wrap up.

It is your time to get online or switch to better, reliable, and affordable hosting.

Hostgator makes this a no brainer decision with a free domain name and discounted hosting.

Remember the offer for a free.COM, .NET, and .ORG domain name applies to new clients who claim the free domain name when they purchase a shared or cloud or WordPress hosting package.

Go here to sign up.

If you get stuck at deciding which package to with or at installation or configuration or just anything website or hosting related.

Hostgator has 24/7/365 world-class support or if you wish, return and leave a comment here about your challenges.

I’ve been building websites since 2002; I could be of help.

Joshua Okapes

Is the founder of Growth Hacking Africa. When he isn't busy helping businesses get and thrive online at his digital marketing agency - joXdigital, he is traveling and analyzing forex markets.

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